Safety Shoes
Safety shoes are considered as protective equipment for foot. These shoes help in protecting the foot from various injuries. These are a perfect choice for sportsmen and people engaged in regular physical activities. These are made with robust quality of leather. 

School Shoes
The physical activities of school require different kind of shoes that are known as school shoes. The shoes are made up of high quality leather. The shoes are of immense comfort to the feet of students and allow them flexibility to move and participate in activities. 
Sports Shoes
Sports shoes are basically designed for sporting activities for protection of the feet. These shoes are worn during playing outdoor games. The shoes can be used as athletic or casual shoes. These shoes can be used to enjoy workouts in gyms or to go for a morning walk.  

Formal Shoes
Formal shoes are usually worn in formal events or offices. The shoes are look glossy and presentable. The shoes are made up of leather and hence, are highly durable. Businessmen and professional workers are often observed in these kinds of shoes.
Liberty Army Shoes
Army shoes are mainly utilized by military soldiers for the complete protection of the feet. The shoes are significantly comfortable and do not harm the skin tissues. These are very soft and cushioned shoes. The shape of the shoes often looks similar to the boots. 

We are accepting minimum order quantity 120 Pairs.
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